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We're so glad you're here, and we want you to know that we see you!

Selling your product on social, making big goals for your business, wishing you had someone

to share your wins with, and needing someone to help guide you through the struggles. We were there too.

That’s Right! Online Boutique Club was created by Online Boutique Owners for

Online Boutique Owners to help leaders in the industry connect and grow!

Our mission is to inspire, educate and EMPOWER

while offering a space for

support and accountability in your business!

Heather Dye is an online powerhouse that uses the power of Facebook live to spread her message to the world. After having her car repossessed, broke, and on the verge of homeless, Heather started selling her clothing out of her closet using Facebook Live. Since then, she has built three successful social media businesses and helped over 100 women launch and scale their online hustle. Heather teaches tangible methods to grow a following, boosts engagement, become influential online, and so much more. With over two years of coaching under her belt and a proven track record of winning, Heather is a cyclone of success, and her mission is to show the world how they can scale their business AND their bank account with the power of Facebook.

Wife and Mompreneur of six beautiful humans, Ashley is the Owner and Founder of Ashley's Chic Boutique, Inc. A Facebook-based community that serves hundreds of thousands weekly. What started as a way to pay for private schooling for her special needs kiddos has turned into so much more! Her mission is simple. To inspire entrepreneurs to have the courage to turn their dreams into their reality by providing them with the framework to scale and serve their communities! Ashley believes that we are called to make more money so that we can do more good and that we grow so that we can then give! With proven results you can see, Ashley is ready to help you take your business and your mindset to the next level! Are you?

What you can expect to receive with your

Monthly Club Membership


Inspiration from one another and us! Heather and Ashley went from boutique rivals to boutique besties! From the verge of losing everything to traveling around the country together, sharing their story, and training boutique owners just like you! Each of us has a story that helps to shape us! Learn how we’ve both used our circumstances to create new opportunities for our families and our businesses!


We believe that ongoing education in any industry is vital. That’s why we’ve each devoted thousands of hours and dollars to further our education in the social selling industry and beyond! With over 5,000 hours live selling experience we’ve come together within this club to spill the tea on all things business, boutique, and mindset!


One the hardest and most powerful tools in business is the ability to believe in yourself and your dreams as well as convey that to your team and community!! We want to empower you to trust your instincts to make powerful moves in your business as well as teach you how to nurture your online community and build a team when the time comes!


We understand that it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone on a live sale island. We’ve been there too! That’s why we believe in the importance of a community and that’s exactly what we’re building! A club of boutique sisters to share wins with and help troubleshoot the problem areas of your boutique! No more Lone Ranger!


That’s right, sister! As if the time we spend each week isn’t amazing enough, you’ll have the opportunity to meet us at one of our exclusive live events this year! We know that our members group and the training you receive there will shift your mind and your business this year! We’ve added this opportunity this year because we know that the ability to meet in person and share knowledge is invaluable! We can’t wait to meet you! Details to come…

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